Artwork page for ‘Horse Attacked by a Lion’, George Stubbs, 1769 This is Stubbs’s earliest known attempt at painting in enamel colours. Though it is interesting that the protagonist is able to overcome any natural obstacles he incurs even if it is a struggle. Girls run for life. The attack patterns of a predator cannot be compared to the attack patterns of prey. She was probably killed because of what she did even though “SHE” was the victim. It mostly infected the Windows clients by creating and modifying components. Anyway annimals don’t atack for no reason, he got it coming, and watching that makes my day!! Horses normally are the most docile creatures so to provoke a horse shows truly cruel evil intent!! 20 Year Old Jumping Sensation Bertram Allen Wins $130,000 Longines Speed Challenge. Take the cotton mouth for example. The WORST part is that the horse will be killed.. becaue it has learned to hate humans.. Against a predator trying to eat them – yes. Amazing results. It was the first time the technique – previously limited to decorative objects – had been used by an artist of Stubbs's stature. Common Sense – it was in India – at the beginning of the tape, the announcer states it is in Mumbai. This asshole got what he deserved IMO. I agree, at the beginning of the clip it looks like they were throwing rocks at the horse. The country has been shocked by a nationwide string of vicious attacks on the animals over the past few months. Uncategorized, Unusual . My worry now is that the horse was recaptured and PTS as a ‘dangerous horse’ rather than rescued. The guy had it coming. He deserved everything he got and more. By the looks of this it is filmed in a middle eastern country. S'më pëlqen. A 50-year-old jobless man was arrested in eastern France as part of an investigation into a spate of killings and mutilations of horses across the country, police and judicial sources told Reuters. No. What a bunch of idiot commentators on this site! report. A man has been arrested in eastern France in connection with a series of violent attacks on horses, according to French BFM TV. Know about Horse attacks man in Hindi on, Explore Horse attacks man with Articles, Photos, Video, न्यूज़, ताज़ा ख़बर in Hindi with NDTV India Believe me i’m sane! I’ve handled horses abused by people and no they never attacked me , why? Very Cute Baby Belgian Draft Horse Twins (4 Days Old) Bingo. Malcolm Downes, 61, who has a … We all like it when we see the animal get the upper hand on her tormentors but that horse is not riding off triumphant into sunset. Keep on Truckin' K9 Takedown of Police Suspect . I see a mare DEFENDING herself against the ignorance of that human man. So do I. PS/ He threw rocks at the horse, what did he think the horse would do? I don’t see this as an “attack” at all. Horse Attacks, Kills Tenn. Man May 6, 1998 GMT Sheriff’s Sgt. It says he was abusive. Honestly, I don’t think the horse would even need a professional trainer. The whole thing is sad. Very happy to see the horse give it back. HE IS A IDIOT AND IS ANOTHER MICHAEL VICKS. I truthfully have 2 innovations. Can only hope it taught him to avoid horses completely, for the rest of his worthless life. Bullshit!!! Either way a horse like that is a danger. Good for her unfortunately she probably ended up dead when that asshole got his hands on her.But at least he got to taste alittle of what she went thru. I freakin’ LOVE IT! You should see the video and pay close attention before making a comment that all of us are ignorant and naive. Keep on Truckin' K9 Takedown of Police Suspect . I fear they(this man and his cronies) went after her and hunted her down, perhaps with clubs, perhaps to kill her. Abandoned horse begs stranger for help and the woman changes its… She Was Shot With 100 Paint Balls. This Horse Can Line Dance Better Than Me!!! Maybe it would have stop all the guessing and name calling. Good for the horse. That man deserved everything he got AND MORE!!! Then I have not noticed any halter or whatever on the horse. The horse was being abused – NO animal, child or other defenseless creature deserves to be abused PERIOD! I’m a Professional Horse Trainer and have been around horses my whole entire life and even ornery horses don’t act that bad. Durban - A man has been arrested after an attack on racehorses at Fairview Racecourse training centre in Port Elizabeth last week led to the death of one horse and serious injuries to 28 more. I love it when the bulls score one and put a horn through one of those inhumane clowns. Jerk is lucky I was not there as when the horse finished with him I would have dealt with him with (EXTREME PREJUDICE). They did it of their own accord. What makes me sad is they probably “put her down” because she was a danger to people. A man has been charged after allegedly carrying out sex attacks against a horse. Mooi om te zien!! Ich wünschte jedes Tier hätte die Chance sich gegen seine Peiniger zu wehren…doch diese Menschen sind hinterhältig und ohne jeglichen Funken von Anstand und Mitgefühl im Leib…er hat bekommen was er verdient…selber Schuld,kein Mitleid mit diesem Bastard…ich hoffe das das Pferd noch lebt…, well done…some people thinks they may do everything, till nature fights back…that stupid asshole gets what he asked for…he may be thankfull the horse had still mercy…. The horse was either abused, cornered, and/or scared to react in this manner. HAAHAA YA DICKHEAD MAYBEY THAT WILL TEACH YE, now that’s one AWESOME HORES definatley on the horses side .. you go girl. This looks like it occurred in a poor area in Asia where life if very different, yet a bunch of comfortable westerners get up in arms on social media to vent their sense of schadenfreude at the incident. Good for him he met an animal who could reply. A man has been charged after allegedly carrying out sex attacks against a horse. He did. Severe abuse!!! And this was Indian people?Reincarnation? The rest is speculation. .Too Bad she wasn’t grown! So for the idiot that said yes to a preditor and no to humans what an idiot you are. We are the dumbest. Theo dõi. France's horses killed in mysterious ritual-like mutilations Armed with knives, some knowledge of their prey and a large dose of cruelty, attackers are going after horses … A man has been arrested and taken into custody in eastern France as part of an investigation into a spate of recent attacks on horses across the country, French BFM TV reported on Monday. Have you seen a horse do this before? Those men got what they deserve. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. After I Made My Comment. Pity it did not have a horn like a Unicorn, and pierce them both to the wall! hopefully that taught him, this makes me so angry that people treat horses like that . Umm no. They can run or fight. He got exactly what he deserved. The man was VERY lucky. The pic starts with the man on the ground. YOU DESERVED EVERYTHING U GOT YOU MORON PITY THE HORSE DIDN’T DO A BETTER JOB, I ADMIRE THE HORSE, HA HA HA U LOW LIFE, agree absolut Becky ..he get what he deserved ..only long not enough. Meet Gulliver: The Tiniest Horse In The Wolrd Clever Horse Saves Himelf And The Rider With His Amazing Movement Girl Tries To Ride A Wild Horse – That Is Really… Sadly when they do retaliate they get destroyed… shame on us for letting such bad treatment of animals go by with out protecting them properly ourselves. I’m all for sensible treatment of animals, but cut and edited footage like this served up for people to vent is irresponsible and doesn’t properly help animal or humanitarian causes. Horses are smarter then most people I know. I have never seen a horse retaliate in such an aggressive way against a human. I Wish There Was A Way To Delete It. Horses have the largest capacity for forgiveness or any animal I have ever seen. Man should never treat any animal in that way. the dumb ass was lucky it was not a ful lgrown pounce and nothing left of him..this was a young horse too k t o biting and kicking. Or vice versa. i hope somebody looked after him, I think I would probably go postal on them. You re an idiot and I feel sorry for any person or animal that comes into contact with you. I saw this a few years ago and if I remember correctly, this horse had rabies and was on a rampage. The horse in this videa has clearly been abused in the past. His experiment with a new medium may have been an effort to enhance or preserve the vibrancy of his colours. This regenerates tissue and joints, rebuilds cartilage and is great for the horses coat too. For more information contact me at Please put Horse n the subject. What do you think of this video? It’s alright putting it on here with the dramatic read over for extra effect but no follow up to make sure that the horse’s demise is quick and clean and that that man and his “buddies” don’t get their revenge. Më pëlqen. A man has been arrested after a horse died following a "brutal" attack in her paddock. To bad that this horse didnt kill the black basterd. It has nothing to do with ‘Oh, this is what they think of us’ kinda crap. 411 A cat attacks a man and his dog . Horse-1…human-0. I always wonder why the animals don’t stick up for themselves. More horses need to fight back such as this one. Smile and ask for more. So I’m not suprised that the horse is defending himself from this abuse. World Man arrested over French horse attacks: BFMTV. Sad world we live in today. Not just horses but ALL animals. Horse attacks man news in hindi on Find hindi news articles about Horse attacks man. Publikuar 7 Sht 2020. Be nice to animals, they might be nice back.. seen this on you tube, the whole video is on there, before the horse attacks, the idiot is beating the poor thing, funny that this doesnt show that part!!! Police said earlier on Monday that two people suspected of killing and mutilating the horses had escaped a manhunt. No matter what humans do to them, they starve them, beat them and mistreat them in so many ways. Hope yoy are still alive and ok my horsee…. He deserved a lot more, the horse should have finsihed him off. Usually, people think that they can do everything they want to animals as “they are inferior”; however, it looks like this horse has a … Yes, and just think of all the BILLIONS of cows, pigs, and chickens who are tormented, even tortured, on a daily basis. A 25-year-old man lost part of his nose when a horse in the Russian city of St Petersburg bit it off, local reports said. So happy she kicked the shit out of that sob. Leeannamoya. Another man came up and said, 'let me try the son of a b-. All three of which are predatory animals. Defiantly got what he deserved….to bad it doesn’t happen more often, but then again when it does usually with dogs, society labels them dangerous and they are euthanized. “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI. I love animals and abhor seeing anything bad done to them but what about nature the very thing that keeps everything alive what about the people who are cruel to her those huge multi corporations that are killing the planet ie the loggers, the Frackers & those like General Electric hugely responsible with Fukushima when will they all get what they deserve? you deserve it you stupid a$$!! he deserved everything he got and Fifty million times MORE!!!!! It is hard for any cat to watch this video. So disappointing that the S.O.B. 1. Watch How They Look… Crawling up on 1? Horse Attacks Man - video encodings still in process - report. Grown horse would have pounded that man to death with hooves. Thousands of migrants sleep rough for third night in a row after Moria camp fire. That poor horse..what is wrong with they not realize these animals feel pain, have emotions…they just don’t speak (can’t speak) like people but they feel everything a human feels. I’m rooting for the horse! I don’t believe that she got the last word on this argument. I wish that more animal abusers got what they deserve! French farrier Remy Marechal shows the leg of his injured horse named Balaclava at his farm in Preux-au-Bois, France on September 7, 2020. Petra - the strongest Belgian Draft Horse - pearls. I’m always glad to see a horse get back at it’s abuser, but far too often it’s an innocent bystander that catches the blow-back from abuse. The horse saw them as a predator it attacked. In 90% of cases they will choose to run. He abused a horse , so in return this is what he got! Michael Vick should have suffered everything he made his dogs suffer. I just feel so sorry for the horse. Horse Attacks man in india. So you have a probably un tamed horse with un educated idiots. Sux in throwing rocks at the horses if he was nice to the animal I’m sure it would have been nice back I can’t blame that horse for doing that see horses are smart and won’t take shit either. Animals do not react this way unless they have been abused to a point of enough is enough. Feel sad for the horse…who knows what will happen to her after that. Would have been perfect justice if they horse made a eunuch out of the abuser! He is just living in a country that does not respect & take care of animals like we do here. That man got what he deserved. A man arrested in northeast France in connection with the mutilation of two horses has been released without charge, police have said. respect for life? Secretariat s groom was black. We’re so interested to hear your thoughts. Yayyyyyy for this beautiful horse!! What a waste of oxygen! April 13, 2017, 12:32 AM • 4 min read. so the attack was shown but what happened to the poor horse after, ? I understand where you are coming from, but on the other hand, animals do not attack unless they see no other option. In this country all the animals gonna be killed on a terrible way… You Have To Hear This Donkey Sing – He Really CAN Carry A Tune! I wish every horse reacted like this for cruelty. Pferde kaufen und verkaufen Über 17.000 Pferde-Inserate Täglich mehr als 300 neue Pferde Kostenlos inserieren Europas führender Pferdemarkt ehorses I have never seen a horse retaliate in such an aggressive way against a human. Ppl like that should be, shot an pissed on. I hope everyone shares this around – people who don’t grow up around horses need to see that when they do crap like this around horses it ends badly. I disagree he got what he deserved. What an asshole got what he deserved. 5 years ago | 20 views. I hope she was able to run away into the open and wasn’t found. It is incredible that they alow us to touch them let alone ride them. Police in France have detained a man suspected of attacking and mutilating horses. Then they people chuck things at it. (“Must be true, I saw it on TV…”) Shame on you for being gullible and for enjoying the severe danger this man was in. Horse attacks man hindi news, photos, video & more न्यूज़, ताज़ा ख़बर on NDTV India. That shit head got what he deserves. This is the most satisfying thing ive seen in ages. Horse Attacks Man - video encodings still in process - report. Motorcycle 'thieves' suffer head-on collision in UK's North West. He has no control over the horse and it is the horse that is dictating the direction in which the protagonist travels. Most people who have horses know nothing about how the feel. Wish the animals would get attack their abusers. Using every last bit of it shows respect. People who subject animals to this torture should be subjected to the exact same in return… I am glad he was attacked and I am not apologising to anybody for that either. So I googled videos for “rabies in horses”. Shih Tzu Puppies Take Their First Bath. But good for her for putting that man in his place. I don’t feel for the man at all. to bad that jerk didnt get both his legs and a lot more broke. An eye for an eye. I look forward to hearing from you. The really sad part is that poor mare was more than likely killed for trying to defend herself from this monster,who never saw the inside of a courtroom for the abuse he inflicted on animal(because of the country this took place in), who, in the beginning did her best to please him. But then again, humans tend to treat others with different ways of life and those they cannot understand very poorly also. I´ve seen the whole video, and this guy together with his friends are throwing rocks at the horse! Is he simply more cautious now when he abuses horses, or has his attitude changed? You’re not sick at all – you’re SO right! She’s the sweetest thing in the world and will softly nibble my head around diner time. I’m definitely on the horse’s side…I wonder what eventually happened to her x, Yes, I love it also. I still have some of the best horses ever because of him. To Jan, No racism please, call that guy anything you please, and call him one for me too, but I wish I could send you the video of that black guy who kissed a horse, and the expression on his face when the horse kissed him back! Saved by Texasteri. they abuse him and beat him in rock what they think he will afraid and go away no he defence on himself and for the man you deserve it cause you are such a fucker and bastard anyone who will try to abuse any animal again he will get what he deserve life against life. It’s really sad to think of what people think is an acceptable way to treat animals and how wrong it is. I feel for the horse. The saddest part of this is that people abuse animals all the time and get away with it. Serves his dumb ass right you don’t abuse any thing no matter what it has done or not done. Good on it. How To Upset Your Neighbor In The Winter. more; Orphan puppy given instant relief from pain after sharp foxtail removed from eye at Mexican shelter. ANIMALS AREN4T TORTURE TOYS! Good for this horse. As for the attackers they should shot to death…………slowly. It hurts the man it hurts the horse. They are sick inhumane people that enjoy the pain and suffering of fellow human beings. Only a very desperate horse that sees no other way out will go on the attack as this one did. By JULIA JACOBO. Just because people eat animals does not make them cruel. That poor horse. A man has been arrested and taken into custody in eastern France as part of an investigation into a spate of recent attacks on horses across the country, French BFM TV reported on Monday. Get a brain people. I am not saying the guy was abusive, I see a horse with an uncharacteristic rage which could be caused by many health issues. Police said earlier on Monday that two people suspected of killing and mutilating the horses had escaped a manhunt. Your lack of knowledge of horses shows when you say the horse is “unharnessed” Horses NEVER attack, that is why this video is so incredible. A man has been arrested in eastern France in connection with a … That’s not a man. Police said earlier on Monday that two people suspected of killing and mutilating the horses had escaped a manhunt. People’s stupidity is too. I love to see the tables turned on human scum like him…good for the horse!! So you have a wild and basically un handled horse, but maybe it was just a horse that escaped though, so let’s not jump to conclusions. I don’t feel one ounce of pity for this idiot man. Hope you all rot in hell !! Bitfrost. Animal Cruelty is a FELONY!!!!!!!! He deserved what he got, too bad he was not kicked one more time! Well, this one finally had enough and said here’s what you get no good. A man has been arrested in eastern France in connection with a series of violent attacks on horses, according to French BFM TV. Video: Horse Attacks Man in Retaliation. Ppl who are crule to animals are not human, their just sick MTF’s, if your sick in the head lyn then so am I. nothing wrong with you, you’re not they only one. Hope it found a good loving home. I do rescues,for over 50 years. 5 năm trước | 185 views. Robert Dillon said Tuesday that Billy Camron, believed to be 64, suffered severe injuries to his head, back and other parts of his body and also had several bite marks. He’ll yeah they tormented the filly by throwing rocks the horse didn’t provoke it. I thought you might like to know about an award winning product for horses, none like this anywhere on the planet. Absolutely disgusting and shocking to see the abuse done to animals, there is NO excuse for it! I also seen that the horse limping and not walking correctly. He defy deserves it – brainless baboon! If I was a horse I would bloody well attack those idiots as well. Because I show him love and respect. Very Cute Baby Belgian Draft Horse Twins (4 Days Old) entertaining Videos. Sad that the man abused the horse and sad that the horse will probably pay with his/her life. T.D. They are not like dogs, they are extremely docile even when provoked. Related Posts .
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